The dry ice pellet are produced after the depressurisation of the liquid CO2, which, when brought to atmospheric pressure, solidifies at about - 80C. The pellet, accelerated to a suitable speed, sublimate on impact with the surface to be treated, returning from solid state to gas state, and vanish in the atmosphere leaving no residue. The synergic action of kinetic energy (impact and pressure exerted on the surface to be cleaned) and thermal energy result in the effective removal of any scaly deposits. With ICE CLEAN technology, thanks to the wide-ranging and accurate cleaning parameter tailoring possibilities, the mechanical action of the dry ice pellet can be gauged to match the compactness characteristics of the surface being treated. The thermal cooling of the surface on contact with the pellet causes the surface contraction of the layer to be removed. This combined action removes the contaminant substances very quickly. The cleaning process is dry, safe, environmentally compatible, non-abrasive and non-electrically conductive, applicable to cleaning any shape in any position. ICE CLEAN guarantees a bactericidal and bacteriostatic action, as the pellet delay the multiplication of the bacterial load by reducing the temperature rapidly and because of the bacteriostatic and fungistatic properties of the carbon dioxide generated by the sublimation in the air.
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